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Haridwar is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage places. River Ganges enters the North Indian plains at Haridwar. Haridwar or 'Gateway to Gods' is also known by the names of Mayapuri, Kapila, and Gangadhar. Hindu pilgrims and devotees gather at Haridwar to offer prayers on auspicious occasions.

The water of River Ganga is considered so sacred at Haridwar that pilgrims carry back the water from the Ganges. It is believed that Haridwar has been sanctified by the presence of three Gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

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Devout believers feel that they will attain salvation and go to heaven after a dip in the sacred Ganga at Haridwar. Haridwar is also one of the four venues of the Kumbh Mela (occurring after a rotation of every twelve Years) and Ardh Kumbh (after every six years).

According to mythology drops of Amrit (Elixir) fell into the Brahmkund of Har-Ki- Pauri, therefore a dip in the Brahmakund on this particular day is considered very auspicious

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In the evening, you can visit Hari Ki Puri, which literally means the Lord's Footsteps.
One of the most revered places in the city; it is believed to have the footprint of Lord Vishnu himself.
Here you can take a dip in the River Ganga. (Please note, suggested activities are not included in the package.)

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Haridwar Local Sightseeing,
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In the morning, you can pay your respects at the Mansa Devi Temple. One of the most famous tourist attractions
in Haridwar, the temple can be reached by a cable car.The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mansa, the goddess that
fulfills wishes. The temple is also famous for the views it offers from the height that it is located at.
You can visit some other famous temples of Haridwar such as; Daksh Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Maya Devi Temple,
Pawan Dham & Parad Shivling or you can visit Vaishno Devi Temple, a famous replica of the temple situated in Jammu and Kashmir.

Later, you can attend the evening Ganga Aarti at the Vishnu Ghat. Return to your hotel for a comfortable stay.

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Check out of your Haridwar hotel in the morning.

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